Tap Knight
Tap Knight is an 'RPG clicker' game where the player slays monsters and gains experience to become powerful enough to free The Kingdom from evil Dark Mages. In this adventure there are many obstacles on the way, but also, there are lots of things to discover! Swords, chests, potions, artifacts, armor and trophies are waiting for their true hero to be unlocked!
Little Flock
In this captivating and challenging game you fly with a little flock of birds through the jungle island. As you go, you meet a lot of new friends making your flock bigger and bigger. The island is full of surprises that will help you fly all the way through the jungles to the prize on the other side.
Three tiny birds once found a giant worm. It turned out, however, that the worm was not as easy to catch as they had expected; dodging them, the worm quickly escaped.“He must have gone to where his friends are for help”, one of the birds said. So they decided to follow the slippery fugitive to find the rest of the worms.
Candy UFO
Do aliens love candy? Yes, indeed! An asteroid has hit the little flying saucer with three brave aliens in it. The heroes had to crash-land on the fairy Candy planet inhabited by monsters. Hurry up and dive into the sweetest adventure in the galaxy!
Small Dungeon
Imagine yourself in the dungeon where different heroes are coming to. The place gets overcrowded quickly and you have to keep enough room for everyone. Suddenly you realize that two identical heroes can be merged so they don't waste space. How many heroes can you put in your dungeon?
Crimy Cases
Reflect bandits' attacks and use your shooting skills to eliminate them! Show them who's in charge of the city!
The Frumbers
Frumbers. The world where the hero is itself the result. Where your worst enemy is a zero pumpkin. Where tomatoes shoot minuses at you. In the world of Frumbers, all you have to do is to not become a zero. Just don't touch the pumpkins. They will turn you into a zero. Don't fall into pits and don't get minuses. That's it! Now let yourself in and take your best shot! Score your highest number! This is not a joke. This is real life... for Frumbers.
Tiny Flippers
Little turtle fell off the plane and lost in vast waters of the ocean. The world is seem so big and frightening with all the creatures standing on the way. Avoid ocean inhabitants, meet friends, collect coins to upgrade your turtle and help him to find the way home.