Crimy Cases
Reflect bandits' attacks and use your shooting skills to eliminate them! Show them who's in charge of the city!
Stack Car
Jump on cars to stack them on top of each other! Try not to crash. How tall your car tower can be?
Decor Master
Decorate rooms, create and assemble furniture, set up interiors! Chose your style! Satisfying animations, colorful textures, amazing design.
Traffic Twist
Help drivers to find their place on the road! Can you drive all the cars to the roundabout without crashing into others? - Fun gameplay - Tricky levels - Bright and enjoyable graphics
Blocks vs Blocks
Play the battle of blocks! Overcome the opponent level by level! Blocks vs Blocks is a simple and addictive game. Break the walls and capture cells, it's that easy! The more area you have, the more chances of winning. How clever you are? Let's go to a great victory!
I Light It!
Light up the rooms in this fun and addictive puzzle game! I light It! is a simple game where you have to move lightbulbs around to illuminate the whole level. Can you arrange light sources so the beams touch every corner of the scene?
Blocky Stack!
A simple but challenging puzzle. Swipe blocks to stack them all in groups by color. Be careful! Don't connect different colors and don't move out of the screen! Are you ready for a challenge?
Blocky Art
Create new things with your fingers! Did you know how these cool blocky games are made? Well, you'll find out playing this one. Go ahead and give it a try! A lot of new creations are waiting for you. Cute and adorable characters, awesome objects, and many more!
Color Punch!
Dash and punch! All you need in this game is to tap the right button at the right time. Surprise your enemies with devastating hits! Can you eliminate them all?
Bounce Drop
Burn the cord to make stickmen fall! Can you make the right move and match the colors? It's so fun to watch them fall!
Soccer Pranks
Knock your enemies out with the ball!
Lurker Mage
Destroy your enemies with an Earthquake ability!
Crowd Split
Control the crowd to avoid obstacles and complete the level!
Rotate Surfers
Rotate the platform to control surfers and collect objects.
Breaking the Ice!
Can you overcome the opponent? Just don't drop the figurine! Carefully chose which block to hit, you're literally walking on a thin ice. Warning! Highly addictive!
Build Top
Pour the colored concrete to build cute buildings. Floor by floor, create new houses! Build them tall! It's so satisfying to play and watch the liquid concrete filling up layers of fresh buildings!
Magnet Balls
Control the magnet to lead the balls through the level. Avoid obstacles and collect more balls along the way.